Coming Soon.....


April 16 2009

its been awhile. I know. I keep telling myself ,I'll upload this and that but I never do. :) Haha, i know it's not a good excuse. Just be patient and I will get something new sooner or later. I love you all!! Thank :)                                   

March 19 2009

Another new model... 


March 18 2009.

Long time no see. Had to redownload game. One new model today!! Take a look at her and download!<-----------------------------


I'm about to update two models. Hehe. Sadly, until i figure out where my clothes creation files are, I will not be able to upload them, The blurriness is fixed. So yay!


My computer is being dumb and not letting me upload stuff. I don't even know where the files are!This is soo sad :[


Sorry, there are no uploads yet. I'm working on clothes and stuff right now. I should make an upload at the end of the week. If you would like to contribute any of your uploads, please e-mail me at



Welcome to SanelaSims.

For our opening upload, you can download Meigou, a beautiful Chinese sim.

There will be more soon. I'm working on dresses and I never actually thought they would turn out good so I'm pretty excited.